John Weaver, Psy.D.

John Weaver, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist and business consultant with over 20 years of practical experience working with organizations, individuals and groups. He offers his vast knowledge and expertise of resilience, optimism and mindfulness training, stress management and conflict resolution techniques for improving individual and group performance, creating teamwork and increasing the psychological health and creativity in organizations with as many as 8000 individuals.

Dr. Weaver specializes in:

  • Training individuals and groups in resilience, optimism and mindfulness to
    improve the psychological health and strategic business thinking in
  • Individual and group coaching for small business owners and leaders
  • Assisting teams and individuals to improve performance under stress
  • Training individuals and groups in stress management, “stress hardiness
    skills” and conflict resolution techniques
  • Teaching clinicians to become coaches


  • Author of The Prevention of Depression: A Missing Piece in Wellness
  • Consults with government agencies, public and private industry
  • Seasoned clinician with experience of more than 20 years
  • Author of nine articles for business publications, including “Surviving Real World Stress,” “Remedies for Workplace Violence” and “Failures of a Perfect’ Leader”
  • Author of “41 Ways to Improve the Emotional Health of Your Workplace”
    (articles online)
  • Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Psychological Association
  • Wisconsin Business of Practice Representative to the American Psychological Association
  • Chair of the Wisconsin Psychological Association “Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program ”
  • Accomplished national, professional speaker on topics including “The Prevention of Depression,” "Transforming the Workplace with Healthy Thinking," and "Organizational Wellness" .
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The Prevention of Depression

Good Company


The Prevention of Depression








Psy.D. in Psychology, Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology

Master of Science, Clinical Psychology, Marquette University

Master of Divinity, Saint Francis School of Pastoral Ministry;

Member: American Psychological Association, Wisconsin Psychological Association, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Division of Consulting Psychology, Wellness Council of America, National Wellness Institute.