Alan Kramer, Ph.D.


Alan Kramer, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and business consultant.  Since 1984, Dr. Kramer has been applying the principles of psychology with individuals, groups and organizations.  He provides current, well-defined and scientifically proven strategies and approaches that guide personal and organizational decision making.  His pragmatic and measurable interventions offer a refreshing and creative flow to the consultative process.

Dr. Kramer is a professional consultant who specializes in:
  • Executive and managerial coaching including executive family coaching for support
  • Pre-employment evaluations
  • Assessments determining the appropriateness of individual promotion for a specific position
  • Engineering positive employee adaptation to changes in an organization’s culture or business direction. e.g., change management
  • Analyzing and devising productive management strategies for problematic or ineffective personnel
  • Assessments and interventions for crisis or dangerous situations, and stress management programs for prevention of difficult situations such as managing difficult personalities in the workplace


  • Consulting with a wide variety of public and private organizations. This includes manufacturing, education, government, religious, and professional businesses
  • Harvard University study of personality characteristics, research contributor
  • Developed and directed programs, assessments and training at several institutes 
  • Psychologist for the multiple law enforcement agencies
  • Union negotiations experience with EOC.


Masters and continuing education

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Industrial Engineering

Masters of Theology, Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Counseling 

Masters of Science, Guidance and Counseling

Post-graduate Association

Owner of several successful businesses, including two private consulting
services and six clinics.