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Antonio Bailey, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist with 22 years’ professional experience working with organizations, groups, and individuals to create emotionally healthy environments in the workplace. He is skilled in leading groups and creating teamwork in  organizations as large as 8,000 members. He has published numerous articles on the topic of wellness in the workplace.  He has also been a faculty member of Mentor Coach and has trained clinicians to become coaches

     His specialty areas include:

v individual and group coaching,

v assisting teams and individuals to improve performance under stress,

v conflict resolution training, and

v training in stress management and

v “stress hardiness” skills for individuals and groups.

v He is an experienced professional speaker.


Marcia King, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of real world experience working with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds and levels of responsibility. She is able to deliver practical, action oriented assessment and guidance. Marcia specializes in

v pre-employment assessment,

v managerial development (including the 360 degree feedback process),

v coaching managers,

v initiating organizational diagnosis to help them anticipate or eliminate problems.



Alan Kramer, Ph.D. is an educated psychologist who has studied in three countries. He has provided 25 years of consultations to government agencies, public and private businesses, and educational institutions and was a union president and negotiator. His advising to international corporations offers the benefit of multicultural understanding of organizations that is rare in the field of business psychology consulting. Finally, Dr. Kramer has experience on the equal opportunity commission of a large suburban city.