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Are your employees being as productive as they could be?

Would you like to be confident that your employees are functioning to their fullest potential to benefit the company?  Functioning effectively requires understanding individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. We assess, we coach, and we measure productive change.

For example, we do:


Is your organization facing change?

Isn’t it a pain in the bottom line to fight employees who are resistive to change? Companies need change. We can help you understand and work with the personalities of resistive employees. We will develop measurable cooperation and productive team behavior. Would you like to be able to lead and manage change effectively?


Do your managers have the skills they need?

Would you like people to feel so good about their work, they’d volunteer to work for you even if you didn’t pay them? When they have outstanding managers, that’s how they feel. Too often companies under-utilize or limit the talent their managers have. We can help you develop your managers’ potential by helping you. We help you:


Do you need a plan to reduce stress in your organization?

If people’s stress levels dropped, they’d be more satisfied with their jobs and more focused on their work, a key to your business success. We can help you identify what is creating the stress…and provide constructive solutions.


Is the morale in your company as high as it could be?

Are your employees happy? A happy employee is a productive employee. Good morale is not an accident. Establishing good morale take skills that can be learned. We can help you improve your company’s morale. 


Do you lose key employees?

Are there people that you cannot afford to lose? There is an enormous financial and emotional cost in losing employees. These costs include recruiting, selecting, and training employees. Lost productivity occurs during the entire transition. In addition, new employees do not reach their potential for a period of time. We can work with management to determine who key employees are, assess employees to determine their needs, and improve the communication between key employees and management.


Is it costing you by hiring and promoting the wrong people?

How important is it to you to hire the "right" person the first time? It is less expensive to hire the right person up front than to pay for the damage caused if you hire the wrong person. How objective are your hiring procedures? It is important to use the right, objective tools so that you know exactly what you’re getting. We provide clear recommendations in language you will be able to understand.


Is your workforce at odds and fighting with each other?

Are you interested in providing a safe environment, setting conditions that encourage everyone to respect each other? Would you like people to be able to reach consensus and deal with conflict productively and creatively? To help you realize these goals, we can provide:


Are employees’ problems hurting your organization?

Our psychology training gives us a unique advantage to be of service to you. We are experts in human behavior and motivation. We are trained to be objective in our assessments and are held to the highest ethical standard by our profession. We have the skills to understand and improve the psychological dynamics that drive the individual in your organization. vPsychology for Business is a consortium of international independent consultants available to serve the people in your organization.

We offer all the standard consulting/psychological services. Each individual brings a special background and skills to the team. This diversity will be a benefit to your organization.