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Whether your organization is hiring from the outside or promoting from within, psychological assessments take the "guess work" out of selecting the right individuals for the position.  The pre-employment and developmental assessments offered by vPsychology for  Business provide comprehensive information about an individual’s strengths as well as their limitations, which greatly enhances any hiring decision.

Assessments offer insights into an individual’s abilities, aptitudes and personality characteristics, and are appropriate at all levels within an organization, from hourly positions to the executive suite.  Each one is specifically designed by vPsychology for Business for the specific and unique skills and competencies required for success in a particular position and are tested for validity, compliance and reliability.  A combination of pencil-and-paper tests and interviews are typically employed to achieve the objective and accurate assessment results. 

                Psychological assessments are used to provide additional 
               data that can be used to make a critical decision including 
                the abilities, aptitudes and personality characteristics of 
                the individual in question.

vPsychology for Business assessments offer your organization:

    *Cost of turnover is estimated at 2.5 to 10 times annual salary plus benefits, depending on the position.

Use the right tools to make your best hiring decision – pre-employment or developmental assessments by vPsychology for Business.  Contact us to learn how to improve your critical hiring decisions with psychological assessments.