Moving Beyond Change Barriers

Business is built on change.  According to Harvard business guru, John P. Kotter’s extensive research (“What Leaders Really Do,” 1999, Harvard Business Review Book), “…it is primarily ‘leading’ that successfully encourages the change that is necessary for business to survive in the highly competitive world today.”  Yet, some individuals view change with trepidation and fear, resisting any modifications of the status quo.  How should an organization manage, much less lead, individuals who are resistant to change?

Leaders often begin moving resisters beyond the barriers of change by clearly communicating adequate information about goals, plans, and constraints as well as addressing the all-important “what’s going to happen to me?”  But resistance may still persist – what next?

The independent consultants at Psychology For Business excel at working with the leaders orchestrating organizational or business changes.  Psychology For Business will assist you or your leadership team in understanding the personalities and issues feeding the resistance as well as how to manage it, and offer strategies and skills for effectively leading and implementing your desired changes.

Psychology For Business’ change leadership offers your business:

  • Insights into leading versus managing change
  • Focus on issues and outcomes that are measurable
  • Confidence born from understanding and addressing resistance

The challenge is to lead in order to get the most profitable changes for your business or organization, your personnel and yourself.  Contact Psychology For Business to learn how to lead change more effectively.

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