Confidential Resources You can Trust

The stress and pressure of a top leadership position can make it “lonely at the top.”  Often top executives find few people without agendas and in whom they can trust.  Their spouses often fill that vacuum.  Spouses can play a key role in enhancing and supporting executive performance.  But whom can the spouse turn to for support and/or guidance in their important role?  Frequent relocation and the need for confidentiality can prevent the usual sources of support from being accessed.

A professional coach with specialized knowledge of what the role encompasses can fill the void, reducing stress and offering a safe, confidential environment to explore the spouse’s unique challenges and responsibilities.

Additionally, family members may be affected by business demands on family life.  Family businesses present added challenges to relationships and satisfaction within the family unit.  Again, a professional coach who understands both family dynamics as well as business demands, roles and responsibilities, could enhance family life and executive effectiveness in the workplace. 

Coaching for Family Businesses