Developing Emotional Effectiveness

Would it surprise you to learn that a recent survey of American businesses revealed that more than half of employees lacked the motivation to continue learning and improve their job skills?  Or, that 40% were unable or unwilling to work cooperatively with fellow employees?  And, that just 19% of those applying for entry-level positions have the needed self-discipline to perform responsibly?  These are all key components of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, once viewed as fluff and unnecessary, is now one of the most frequently identified components for business success.  Unlike inherited intelligence, emotional intelligence can be learned with no set developmental limits.  When individuals understand and manage themselves well, the net effect is improved contentment and increased productivity.

Psychology For Business has the tools and experience in helping your organization, department or individuals develop these critically needed self-management skills.  Using assessment techniques to understand the current levels of emotional intelligence, Psychology For Business designs customized approaches that develop and sustain emotionally healthy individuals and environments.

Psychology For Business’ emotional intelligence approaches offer your business:

  • Motivated employees, both emotionally and intellectually
  • A healthier workplace which promotes productivity and attracts employees
  • A work environment rich in innovation and creativity
  • Improved recruitment and retention since emotional intelligence is built into the ongoing selection and human resources processes

It takes more to succeed in business these days than just “smarts.”  Though often hidden or ignored, emotional intelligence is clearly an essential element in real business success.  Smart is necessary, but being emotionally effective is just as important.  Contact Psychology For Business to learn how your organization can become more emotionally intelligent.

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