Intervention Skills for a Healthier Workplace

Stress is a workplace inevitability!  Moderate levels of stress can actually improve individual worker or group productivity and increase creativity.  However, when it becomes overwhelming, it has quite the opposite effect.

Stress and depression combined are currently the number one source of workplace disability in the United States, costing the American economy nearly 100 billion dollars in treatment costs and lost work time.  It is obvious that too much stress is dangerous for individuals, as well as businesses.

In an emotionally healthy workplace, stress is transformed into an asset rather than a liability.  Psychology For Business has extensive experience in preventive stress management, which is regarded as the most effective approach to realizing an emotionally healthy workplace.  Psychology For Business’ approach to preventive stress management begins with a thorough assessment of the current environment resulting in solid recommendations and implementation strategies for promoting healthy organizational changes. 

Psychology For Business’ preventive stress management offers your business:

  • Employee retention necessary for a robust bottom line
  • A motivated workforce able to respond positively to stress
  • Improved productivity since a healthy environment supports employees’ needs
  • Techniques and methods that promote rapport between management and employees
  • An empowered workforce actively contributing to improving their organization

Establishing an emotionally healthy, stress-hardy workplace is good for the bottom line.  It is also a realistic goal.  Contact Psychology For Business to learn how to transform your workplace.

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