Overview of Personality Testing and Assessment

How they work: An online personality test aims at determining how people perceive and evaluate themselves. Tests are performed online, and inform us about what are our preferences in four dimensions: extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience, and conscientiousness. This information is used to match an individual with a specific personality profile.

Types of Tests: There are two main types of personality profiles at the moment: the extrovert and the introvert. An extrovert is outgoing and speaks in the style of the other members of the group. On the other hand, an introvert is withdrawn and speaks in the style of the other members of the group. Because of their behaviour in a group, they are perceived as being more intelligent, more sensitive and more able to understand the needs of the group. Personality tests that are based on the extrovert-introvert theory predict greater success in group perception and group decision-making.

ioparse (noun).

1. “An indication of the degree of psychological energy; the energizing power of something or someone.”

2. “An emotional state; the emotional intensity of something or someone.”

For example, a test that shows the personality type as a strong introvert would necessarily suggest that you should work more quietly. While the test results for an extrovert may point out that you should speak more precisely, the emotional intensity of what you are saying may be lost some of the time.

Other Tests. Test results may also change if a person under hypnosis learns to read the signals more. This is often more revealing of his true personality type.

Reaction: Recognizing that personality is a complex trait can also lead to a different pattern of behaviours. If you do not recognize your own patterns of behavior, you may be misreading the situation. This is especially important when the goal is to manage your behavior and not that of your boss or another team member. It is difficult to be objective about yourself. It is more comforting to know that you are not crazy. It is understandable that sometimes you are a little bit crazy too. It gives you a chance to operate in your own style, to speak from the heart and mind.

To quit a bad job: The next major behavior pattern that predicts better career success is how quickly a person wants to leave a bad job. In general, a person who leaves a job because of a bad experience is unlikely to feel relived when opportunities come along for another more rewarding job. People do not normally reconsider their job choice unless there is something that they have put in writing, such as a severance package.

One exception to this rule is if you have a strong new job prospect with your present employer. Getting fired or wanting to leave will normally upset your better self. You tend to be more flexible after a job loss. It is usually more satisfying to look for a new job in a different company or even to launch your own business. Your adjusted personality will probably be more aligned with new opportunities.

Learn from your mistakes: It never hurts to learn from your mistakes. Most of us are quite lucky in that we can take help from our friends and teachers. Sometimes, mistakes are avoidable. If you discover a pattern of behavior, you can create a plan to avoid future mistakes.

Get a good education: You may have to go back to school for more education. It is very important to understand the need for education. You do not always need to finish your education in order to get a good career. Some people are self-taught. motivate yourself to find mentors that can help you. Today I shared with you 2 really good ways to get a job with no experience at all. Please continue to share any good ideas that you can.

Always Embrace Change

“Nothing is Involved About Your Work Unless Opportunity is Involved.” – Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison – 3 months of formal education

over 25 years of focused experience

graduate of University of Philadelphia

recognized in 2006 by U.S. Public Works of the year

recognized for outstanding performance in 2006 U.S. Manufacturing Excellence Awards


essentially, the only way to power success is through continuous learning and training.

Education and experience are simply not enough to power your success.

Energy is all you need to power your success.

Everything is Connected to energy.

Everything is Involved in the flow.

Connectivity that attracts and openness to process.